Should we be excited about Google's new Play Pass?

Should we be excited about Google's new Play Pass?

Should we be excited about Google's new Play Pass?


Google is at it again! Don’t worry, it’s all things good. Google will soon launch a product that is an innovative extension to what they already had. And it is called the “Google Play Pass”.We know that the search giant already provides games and apps on Google Play which included free and paid apps. But with this new service, they take one step further. The service is not just for gamers and definitely has something in store for everyone.



Through Play Pass, Google will let you access more than 350 apps and games that are completely unlocked-all, free of ads, in-app purchases, and upfront payments. Users can subscribe to Play Pass at $4.99(roughly Rs 350) a month. And the introductory offer will cost $1.99/month for the first year.

Google said Play Pass is coming to Android devices in the U.S. this week, and we’ll be bringing it to additional countries soon 

But this is not all. Every month, new apps and games will be added to Play Pass.

Google Vs Apple

Google has launched Play pass amid Apple launching a similar service called the Apple Arcade. And, as expected there are a few differences between Google’s Play Pass and  Apple’s Arcade.

Apple Arcade consists of games developed exclusively for the service — if they are in Apple Arcade they will not be on the app store. On the other hand, Google provides the option to buy apps on Play Store that are on Play Pass for a price. Google will begin to show a small multi-coloured ticket next to the apps which are included in the Play Pass pack. Once you subscribe to Play Pass, these apps will be unlocked.




Apple Arcade is limited to games whereas Play Pass consists of games and other apps.

But both the services share certain features. Neither of them will have ads or in-app purchases. In both the services, subscribers can access games as long as their subscription lasts.


Popular games and apps you love and More

According to Google, roughly two-thirds of the apps include games. You will given access to popular games like  Terraria, Monument Valley, Risk, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, LIMBO, Lichtspeer, Mini Metro, Old Man’s Journey and more. With new additions every month, titles like This War of Mine and Cytus coming soon—there’s always something to look forward to. 



Share with your family

Google has an option to share the subscription of the Play Pass with upto five family members. Each family member can access Play Pass individually. This means that individual experience will not be affected by what the others download. Play Pass also contains family-friendly content from Toca Boca classics to My Town series, so Google has your whole family covered.


Having access to all these exciting games and apps is very exhilarating. Although Google has us on our toes and is yet to decide on the release date in India. Either way Play Pass is certainly something to look forward to.



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