7 Ways of gathering meaningful data about your customers

7 Ways of gathering meaningful data about your customers

7 Ways of gathering meaningful data about your customers

7 Ways of gathering meaningful data about your customers

Understanding your customers is a vital part of your business and an important step towards that is acquiring meaningful and relevant data about your customer. Once you gain clarity about your customer’s behavior and needs, you will be more effective in engaging them and selling your products.


Here at Laudco media, we are committed to giving you useful insights that help grow your business. And with that, we provide you 7 ways in which you can gather meaningful data about your customers.


1.Customer Service Interaction

It is very important to maintain good interaction with your customers through all possible channels both offline and online. But you can use this opportunity to ask them a few questions and get their opinion on what they like or what they disliked, feedback on your product, how you can improve your product and service. You can create a list of questions and your customer service representative can use it every time they interact with customers.


2.Customer’s real-time behavior

Keeping a track of your customer's real-time behavior will help you understand them better and thus help you in improving your service for them. Your focus should be to collect as much as data possible on how customers are behaving in real-time, this will lead you to get greater insight into your customers' needs and behaviors.

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3.Track the referral sources

This method may not get much attention but it is extremely important to understand which source leads your customers to your business. 


                                                                                               Image Courtesy:-www.monsterinsights.com

Tracking the referral sources will give you insight into the strategies that are working in favor of your business. Make it compulsory for your sales team to track the source of your lead and keep a record of it. In the future, this will help you to get genuine data for studying your customer prospects.


4.Social Media

An individual spends five to six hours on their social media accounts. And sometimes more.



                                                                                                     Image Courtesy:-cloudclicks.com


This makes social media a perfect place to acquire customer data for your business. Studying your page insights will get you a grasp on user data. You can subscribe to a tool to aggregate user data across all platforms, you can use tools like Google Analytics and Clicky.


5.Website Activity

Many a time, companies forget to keep track of customer’s activities on their website. They generally ignore the activities which did not lead to conversion. But activities and click-throughs like these are important too. You need to know how long the audience stays on your website, which pages they like, which pages they revert to faster, and what kind of content hooks them to make your sale eventually.

Giving attention to these details will help you to understand and reach your customers better. It will help you to create a delightful online experience for them.


6.Demographic Information

If currently you are not collecting demographic and interest for your customer's database then consider doing it. 


                                                                                                Image Courtesy:-www.mcarealtors.org


This will allow you to target your marketing efforts to areas that are relevant to your customers. You can collect this information by sending them a survey form to fill out and can later use it to segment your customers more effectively.


7.Comprehensive Contact Information

You should maintain an accurate and informative contact list to communicate effectively with your customers. You would want to ensure that the right message reaches the right customer through the right channel. The most effective way to achieve this is to collect all the useful data of your customers and build a rich customer profile. But make sure to take customer's permission before storing their personal information.


These methods if properly applied will also increase your company’s recognition and take you one step closer to your company's ultimate goal.

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